Swisscoin Fork SWC

With Swisscoin Fork SWC all Members double their Coinvalue

- Fork happened at Block 356351
Call Member recieve their SIC-Coins dated  2017-12-05 23:09:36 at not Costs on the SWC-Blockchain.

- SWC with increased Coinsupply
The Swisscoin Fork SWC has an increased Coincupply. That make the distribution of SWC to every  one on this planet at affordable prices possible.

Main important Information about SWC:

  • Staking Reward of 15% per Year
  • Shorter Blocktime, so the Reward is distributed to more members of community and the security increases
  • Blocksize of 5MB for handling more transactions and getting more reward for every block staked.
  • New minimum Coinage of 24hours so real network supporters get more reward.
  • More Coinsupply to be able to distribute SWC to every people on this planet

Offline Wallets of Swisscoin Fork SWC are available soon.

To get your SWC Coins of your existing SIC Wallet, you need to do the following:

Step 1:

Download new SWC-Offline Wallet and start it, close it directly after first start.
Open your SIC-Offline Wallet and click on "File" and "Backup Wallet"

Step 2:
Save the file as "wallet.dat" and remember where you saved it.

Step 3:

Close your SIC-Offline Wallet and open your FIle Explorer and run "%appdata%". Go to directory SCOIN after that.

Step 4:
Copy the saved "wallet.dat" to this directory. Confirm that you want to replace the existing file.

Start your SWC-Offline Wallet.
Once it is synced with the network, your SWC Coins are in your wallet.

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