SIC - The original Swisscoin


SIC is now doing the next step. Join us and benefit from the new developments

As you know SWISSCOIN - SIC has an ambitious programme:
- Availability worldwide and for everyone
- Affordability worldwide and for everyone
- Acceptance as „real“ cryptocurrency
- Long-term be one of the TOP TEN cryptocurrencies

Below again the important technical informations for those who are familiar with technology or want to engage:

  • Increase of annual gratification to 15%
  • Reduction of block times to 30 seconds what means more security and increased profitablity
  • Extention of blocksize to 5 MB what means more transactions and more transactions fees
  • Increase of minimal coin age to 24h what means more equal opportunity

Get your Download today and become part of the Swisscoin Network with all its advantages.
With our new Version you will even recieve more Reward for Staking.
Also the blocktime has been shortened, so you will recieve Rewards more often.

You don't need to worry. All your existing transactions and coins will be part of the new Software.
Download now and you are done. Just start he new Version and profit.

Get your Download here:

Windows: Download

MAC OS: Download

Linux: Download

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