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One of our top priorities

Very often it is reported in the daily news that even highly protected systems have been confronted by hacking attack. Data safety, specially in the financial business, is one of the biggest challenges.

A decentralizied technology like the blockchain technology exhibits because of its decentralization, its  complex and encrypting algorithms even with big data files a high protection wall and protects against hacking attacks. Weaknesses within the system can be identified automatically by the system and quickly eliminated. Data reference points can easily be identified.

Swisscoin as a professional and future orientated systems has started ist own blockchain a while ago. The test run period of the SWISSCOIN blockchain has started and is supposed to be terminated soon.

To meet the individual requirements of data protection an offline option for the individual e-Wallet will be provided. Access will regulated by a cryptographic key. The key will be generated for the individual wallet and only be provided to the owner of the e-wallet. With this key transactions will be possible. Therefore attentive handling is one of the main responsiblities of the wallet owner.

How vulnerable the software platforms are even in highly protected institutions is an issue almost daily in the current daily reports. The security of data, especially financial data, is one of the major challenges.

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