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Pay Spots

SWISSCOIN Acceptance and Pay Spots

A basic question when buying cryptos

One of the main questions when intending to invest in cryptocurrencies is the question of market acceptance in those type of payment systems. Is must be one of the main challenges to provide an acceptable solution.

Cryptocurrencies are traded worldwide so negotations with single companies is not realistic. To implement SWISSCOIN as payment option Veto Concept has therefore decided to use a database that was started when the Bitcoin was launched. The database presents all compnies worldwide that accepts cryptocurrencies as payment instrument.

When after a purchase the goods have to payed in the participating shops an option „Cryptocurrency“ will be shown by an App which allows the payment by using the cryptocurrency. If this option is activated then from a list of accepted cryptocurrencies the cryptocurrency in question  can be choosen and the payment can be finalized. This pament procedure is similar to the well known procedures where the option e.g. Invoice, prepayment, or credicard can be selected. Following as example the choice „creditcard“ the option Visa, Mastercard or other is listed. After having made the choice the purchase is completed.

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