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The new digital currency has great potential

Visionary ldeas and innovative concepts have been and are the fundamental strength and basis of Manfred Mayer and Hosrst Wefer in long term engagement in the Veto Concept AG business. Both entrepreneuts agree in saying that one of the most challenging subjects are to be find in the financial and social business. The erodating stability of etablished currencies and the shift of the distribution channels from the traditional markets to the online business has become a big global challenge. New payment systems and new types of currencies have been results of the new developments. One of the first new currency was the Bitcoin, the first virtual currency. After the skepticism in the beginning now the new business of crypto currency is developping. Awareness and acceptance of the new currencies is growing.

Manfred Mayer and Horst Wefer decided in 2015 after intensive discussions and research with specialists from the finance field as well as marketing and sales specialists to implement a new crypto currency. The idea of SWISSCOIN was born. The very promising and ambicious project was realised in 2015 and 2016 with a big commitment of both entrepreneurs. The first SWISSCOIN units, the so-called genesis-block, was released in june 2016. The reaction of the market was overwhelming: within the first month more than 500.000 user in 40 nations joined the SWISSCOIN project. The business volume of the company climb up to 6 million Euros and with this the value of the SWISSCOIN too. After less than a year on the market the company is going to start with SWISSCOIN 2.0 the next step in business development.

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05 Oct 2017
SIC Newsletter
  • SWISSCOIN-Listing an Cryptobörsen
  • SIC-Wallets
  • Multiple Dashboard Accounts
  • Freischaltung geblockter Accounts
  • Hong Kong Impressionen
04 Sep 2017
SIC Pressemitteilung

Nächste Wachstumsstufe 2.0 der eigenen Kryptowährung SWISSCOIN (SIC)

10 Aug 2017
Start der dezentralen Blockchain

Mit dem Start der dezentralen Blockchain eröffnet sich für den SWISSCOIN die Akzeptanz als reales, handelbares Zahlungsmittel

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